Marview Farms is the life-long dream of Fernando Mendez Jr., whose desire to provide natural, and healthy food for families, just like his, is now in full-effect.  With the purchase of Marview in 2009, he has slowly been growing his herd since 2009 and has now reached the point where he is fully able to supply grass-fed meat. In September of 2013, Marview Farms will be a 100% organic-fed livestock supplier. Through his tried and true method of rotational grazing to raise his herd, Mar-View is a hormone-free and antibiotic-less farm. Our animals are raised free-range, without immune system altering vaccinations, or harmful steroids and insecticides. By nurturing our animals on grass alone, they are able to ingest Mother Nature‚Äôs intended nutrients. For the last three years, Marview Farms has been committed to producing happier, healthier, and calmer animals than those raised on grain.